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Cap'n Jon

this guy ain't famous, but you can add him to your bad teeth list... he's a crystal meth-head i found on scroll down the page and.... watch out!


You're missing the point! I'm trying to make myself feel BETTER about having gross teeth. I know plenty of crackheads and junkies have yuckmouth. I'm looking for inspiration, here!

Cap'n Jon

ahhhh i get it... whoops! well, Madonna had a big gap in her chompers - and still got famous... um... George Washington, our founding father had WOODEN TEETH for goodness sakes... Hillary Duff got big giant horse teeth implanted in her grill... speaking of grills, most rappers don't even have teeth anymore, they're all born with metal mouths! Sporty Spice had a snaggletooth.... Johnny Rotten....

did that help?


Wow. You're obsession with teeth is even more unhealthy than Martin Amis'. I'm in the process of getting a lot of mine repaired. The bridge work comes in '07. Yay. Anyway... came across this after a google search of "martin amis teeth." Just linked to you from my site. Err.. hope your chompers are OK.

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