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Cap'n Jon

hey hey, whoaaaa.... take it easy sister... what did South Dakota ever do to you?!!?

Molly Crabapple

I share your hatred of civil servents. The postelworkers at the Williamsburg post office nearly started a riot when taking 40 minutes to get 5 people packages. Then there was the time they left vomit on the floor for an hour. Gotta love people paid by the hour.


South Dakota is making it impossible for women to have abortions. For that they deserve worse than a simple "fuck you."

And yessss, the Williamsburg Post Office! I downright refuse to go there. I have stuff sent to my office instead, but even if I get a package notice at home, I just ignore it. I'd rather not get a gift than have to deal with those people in person.

Cap'n Jon

ahh shizzle. i had no idea about South Dakota. I was too busy worrying about whether or not Nick Lachey was going to win Dancing With the Stars... so,


Paul from Nebraska

I used to go to South Dakota each year for vacation and day...electronic voting came to the world. Bang! No more Tom Daschle. No more liberal government. No more abortions. No more vacations to SD for me. How sad. It used to be so cool.

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