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i assume your post left out the part about how you proceeded to kick in HIS high-horse toothy-woothies.

Cap'n Jon

ya know, i've seen that kind of thing a lot lately. My Mom is in the hospital at the moment (damn quadruple pneumonia, was "asleep" for a week, is finally concious, and now able to breathe on her own... anyhoo, the second day she was awake, and "aware" of us, and smiling despite the breathing tubes in her throat, a nurse came in, and me and Dad said "hey, Mom's doing great!" expecting some re-assurance (especially since Mom was listening)... to that the nurse replied "well...." and then walked out.

what kind of reply is that?? fucking nurse ratchet-whore. I nearly punched her in the vagina.


Your mom's nurse is pure evil. I'm so sorry you're going through this.


Remember this: Dentists have *very* high suicide rates, because, out of all the medical professions, they are the one NO ONE wants to go to.
So while they're drilling, just imagine Dr. Szell Jr. putting a 12-gauge upside their own noggin: BLAM! Splat!
Just try not to laugh thinking about it.

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