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i swear you've been hot for him since BEFORE homicide. ever since i've known you. you're devoted i'll say that for you.


Like a pitbull! Mrow!


I'm certain that if he got to know the real you, it would be a most perfect love.


Thank you, Jules. I have to agree. If only he could push past my mystery. . . my darkness. . . the inscrutableness that is moi. Then we could be together. Of course he'd have to ditch his porn-star wife first, but that's a mere technicality.


Just don't get it - he looks like Where's Waldo all grown up and gone through alcoholism and a divorce. Munch is a cool character but uhhh! He's got a face you could cut wood with.


Dear, jealousy doesn't become you.


I fully support this obsession, even though the object of affection looks sorta like an emaciated brick mortared with a mozzarella-laced wire brush... why do I support this? Because the stalker in question brought me coffee (light and sweet) during my vigil outside Donna Summer's house and held me aloft during my cat-channeling wican moment...

miss amy

Belzer is amazing, undeniable...but please, please, please if you happen to catch sight of D'Onofrio, grab him and hold him in your apartment until I get there! If you love me, Judy, you'll do it! No pressure...

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