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Wow... All it took was an Ivy League education for her to figure out that blacks are people too? You mean their skin's not made of molten lava? Glad she's around to clear that up... all that article needed is a picture of Fabio dressed as a Viking to be perfect...


I'm shocked that Rich has been heard from on this subject.


This ho should be starring in the new remake of Mandingo! Oh Mandingo I've heard your people are so BIG and oh my God Lawdy it's True! What the fuck is she talking about? Aggressive? Can't run my fingers through his hair. Holy fucking shit! I am officially mortified to be white and with me that doesn't happen easily!


When I read the column this morning on the subway, I almost got in touch with my inner Whitney Houston and yelled, "Hell to the Nah".
I could believe she was spouting such ignorance.


Every time I think the Post couldn't possibly find a lower denominator, they find some thing to prove their Indiana Jones-like ability.

I don't know what's worse: that this column exists or there were girls giving each other knowing nods over it in office kitchens this morning.


Perhaps that was meant to be a "weakly dating" column?


LOL, you guys are funny!!!

What a twit. Look, I'm a white woman and my husband of 6 years is black and while he is well-endowed "down there" (sorry if that's TMI)...has she NEVER seen a penis before?! What the fuck? Somebody should slap this bitch.

And her comment about his hair leaves me at a loss for words. She's never felt a black person's hair before? Surely she has at least one black coworker/friend/whatever that she talks to. Not all black people have the same hair type. My husband is dark-skinned with curly hair. I've never had a problem running my hands through it. And believe me when I say that it's perfectly OK to be physical in the bedroom. "Frozen with fear"...I hope she's kidding. "Frighteningly exotic", my ass.

What's frightening is the fact that she could write this unenlightened bullshit.


Good point, Mindy. I too am surprised she had never run her fingers through the hair of any of her co-workers. All of my co-workers love it when I do that.

Oh, and thanks for letting us know that your black husband has a big black dick too. This insight was an invaluable contribution to the discussion.

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