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Becky Summers

Re:new database for bad landlords

As I have told other people who are having problems with BAD LANDLORDS, there is a place called that has a BAD LANDLORD page where you can search a nationwide database that is focused on bad landlords. While they may take a while to get back to you, ( 7 weeks for me ) the information they sent me was a key factor in housing authorities taking action against a bad landlord my mom ran into. Its supposidly run by employees who are volunteering their own time and it is free . The landlord my mom ran into was a real bad one who had victimized many people. It was in the city newspaper. When you go to the address look for the Bad Landlords Page in the nav bar. Like I said, has a database or has access to a database filled with nightmare complaints. Apparently this problem with bad landlords is widespread. If you need more information on a bad landlord for when you go to the authorities, information thats documented and stuff, go there.

Becky Summers

susan staples

Over 41 students at Yale New Haven College nearly met the fate of being burned to death in a bad fire. That all happened in April of 2001.

A lot of people were trying to run from the building in panic, some fell in the stairwell and were actually badly injured because they were stampeded by other students, some still half asleep.

Several students were stuck, stranded out on the back fire escape attached to the rear of the building. There was no ladder connecting the second story of the huge stone building to the ground like there should have been. Many were screaming, the hallways and rooms filled with dense smoke that blinded you.

The story of the fire is covered by The Yale Daily which currently is-
and also covered in-
which is Miami University Fire Prevention of some kind.

The fire almost killed a few of us, some were students, some were only visiting. There were over 55 firefighters that came, the fire marshals name was Joe Cappucci. There were many complaints about Odis Coleman, the guy that owned the building. In my travels on the web, I am seeing the same group that was present in the building starting to come forward and give their account of the fire. It was a bad one. There was exposed wiring on all the floors that you could see in plain sight and the building in general was truly a death trap, a real disaster waiting to happen. That the owner, Odis Coleman was called many times, that he was responsible for the building and others lives, no one in authority cared in the least. As for Odis Coleman, I really don’t see how he was really able to avoid prosecution, he should have gotten in a lot of trouble because of the condition of the building. Hard to believe the death traps that landlords leave behind for others to live in.

Having a bad landlord database is something that is badly needed. A bad landlord database or record of some kind would save peoples lives.

The name of the building that caught fire was the Cambridge Oxford Apartments on High Street, New Haven Connecticut. It was housing for Yale New Haven students. Odis Coleman and the Odis Coleman type landlords that exist in the United States are dangerous persons and recklessly endanger many. A bad landlord database should be available for the public safety. There were some in that building and in that fire that were permanently injured, something very sad to see.

Susan Staples

Burn Specialist, Hartford Connecticut

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