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You know how in some soap operas a character you hate grows on you, even if they are bad or pathetic - not the case with Jenny - she is by far the most annoying fake ass lesbian on cable! When are they gonna send her back to straight world so she can become some suckers emotional lamprey. Oh and as far as Mucous plugs! AW GAWD! MUCOUS PLUGS!!!! EEEEWeew eew eew eww eew! Bleck! ickyickyickyicky! OK through dry heaving now.


After all this, do you *still* expect me to Netflix this show? Uh-uh! There are still Lee Marvin flicks I haven't seen. I've got priorities!


Thanks for the link to mucous plugs. It's haunted me all day.

Bloody show, indeed.


And ewww - Shane is Gwyneth's cousin?? Re-evaluate! Re-evaluate!


Dilute! Dilute! OK!


i read this post out loud to jon, who scowled at me, since he is jenny's no. 1 (aka ONLY) fan.

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