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Judy, your wish is my command!
You want Mia dead in a horrible and bloodthirsty fashion? Alla-kazaam!

She WILL die. Horribly. Courtesy of Big Jim Ellroy and Brian "Blood is my middle name" De Palma. You've read the book. You know what happens to Mia's character...

Ivan giveth and Ivan taketh away.
You're welcome!


Ivan! I don't want MIA dead, I want JENNY dead! If you say things like that, people will think I'm mean! That said, I'm appalled that she's going to be stinking up the film version of that amazing book. At least I know she'll get what's coming in the movie though!


It's too've opened the Pandora's've tickled the Monkey's've unleashed Yngvie Malmsteen's fury....

Mia...Jenny...six of one, half a dozen of another...when the photos of the special effects of her as Elizabeth Short hacked in two are leaked, I'll forward them to you...Bwah-hah-hah!



Cap'n Jon

sometimes I think I must be a lesbian too, because I LOVE VAGINAS!!

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