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it's usually only ones first cup that makes you poop-from thern on, it's jittery sailing.

what about chai? it's yuppie, but it's delicious.

Cap'n Jon

not only do I love you for linking to my site, but I also agree with you wholeheartedly! I HATE COFFEE. In fact, I can barely even kiss my super-hot wife after she's been swigging joe... yuck! and yes, it IS a diahrettic! (spelling?)... say no to coffee... also, have you ever noticed that every smoker in the world drinks coffee? yep... and i hate smoke too....


I thought the whole point of coffee was its laxative quality. At least, it's always been the case for me.


I live in Seattle and people look at me like I'm NUTS when I say that I don't really drink coffee. I had two cups at lunch about a month ago and was visibly shaking afterwards. I was kinda fun...until the big crash about 3 hours later.

Coffee makes you "go?" That explains so much...


I drink it, but I wish that it tasted as good as it smells!


i love coffee, but it's on my mile-long list of allergy foods that i only touch about once a month. however, if i'm ever having a problem with movement, half a cup-- even of decaf-- and i'm right as rain. yay coffee!

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