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--Porn? What's that? I only look at!

--The NY Post wouldn't be read if it weren't so cheap.
Here's an idea for any non-right wingerz who wish to sway public opinion: start a newspaper, but only charge an absurdly low price, like 5 cents (you'll have to get a deep pockets leftie to back you; what's George Soros up to these days?).
Meanwhile, have that newspaper written in a frantic, hyperbolic style (akin to the Post), and spin, spin, spin! Twist anything and everything to make it fit *your* leftie agenda, not Rupie Murdoch's death trip. Do NOT try to appeal to your reader's intelligence; appeal to their pocketbooks and gonads and bibles. The spin can be done!

Just an idea; y'all can have it for free. Now pardon me, I have to kill some kittens by beating off to pix of the cutest puppies EVER!


please change that picture. quickly. thank you.

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