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Here's some you forgot:
Baldness: Same as the mole - the guy with the hair gets the job.
Skin color: Duh.
Glasses: This one can work for you if you're trying to get a job in academia but usually it's looked at as a flaw.
An accent: Again this can work for you if you want to sell Italian suits at Barney's but most of the time - EVEN WHEN IT'S A NEW YORK ACCENT...IN NEW YORK! the guy with the speach patterns that have no sign of character or background will get the job.
If you're just plain ugly: Yup - put an ugo and a hottie in line for the same position with the same qualifications and the blonde with the boob job will walk out the winner.
Stupidity and a bad attitude: Unfortunatley from what I've seen this actually WORKS for people. I've had the displeasure of working with so many plain out evil idiots in my life that I must say - not only is being a moronic dickwad a good skill set to have but it will get you groomed for middle management sooner rather than later.

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