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Take your doper gal notes and turn that thing into the Next Great American Junkie Novel. As "A Million Pieces" or whatever James Frey's (sp?) book is called, there's still a market for this sort of stuff. Take all the girl's stories mix 'em together into one character (and name that character "Julie McBreyer" to fool people into thinking the book is a roman a clef), throw in a *lot* of way gnarly sex scenes and total degredation (that stuff sells! You *know* that!)--and watch the money fly in the door. Then, once the movie rights are for sale, DEMAND that Steve Buscemi direct the flick (maybe sell it as a "Female Trees Lounge").
Your New Literary Agent,


That's an excellent idea! Then maybe I could fulfill my dream of appearing on Oprah! I'm certainly good at feeling sorry for myself, so I don't think writing like a junkie would be such a stretch. Or maybe I should be all fake tough-guy like that spoiled moneybags James Frey. "Boo hoo, look at me--I'm a junkie at 23 and resent my parents because they've always showered me with money and bailed me out of every problem I've managed to cause myself and now I think I'm the best writer in the whole wide world." Barf. (Sorry--the DTs have me all pukey!)

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