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Too bad Dr. Phil already did this EXACT SAME EPISODE a few months ago! Except instead of a supermodel, Phil dressed up his self-help author son (whom he referred to as "handsome" throughout the show...which was creepy).

The result: People like young attractive people more than they like fat people! Surprise!


For someone who's written a weight-loss book and always yells about fatties, Dr. Phil's a pretty portly dude.


I think the last form of open discrimination is giving talk shows to clueless airheads with fabulous (but real!) breasts. (I guess, technically that's reverse discrimination, but it's still pretty blatant.)


I remember when Gwynnie donned the fat suit to "research" her craft for the sensitive, feminist film, "Shallow Hal."

She ended up in tears after venturing into a hotel bar weighing 350lbs - because no one made eye contact with her!! It was so horrible! Like being invisible!

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