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ugh. what a baby! but strangely so common, from both genders. me, nothing kills the mood more than even the thought of getting pregnant. the last time i took the morning after pill, i threw up on my shoes!

even more horrifying (and i hope less common, fingers crossed) the KEVIN GIORDANO article in the nypress. has sexual dysfunction, is way to rough with the woman he's trying to fuck, she stops being into it, and he gets so mad he tells her he could just rape her (knowing that she's been raped, tho he doubts it was as bad as all that). then he masturbates, alone, and we're suposed to feel sorry for him. christ, what's with people thinking that trotting out thier personality flaws is novel...the hard part of being human is NOT being a bad person, trying to be decent when you want to be selfish. jesus, mary and joseph. i read the press the way one stares at a car accident.


I actually went and read that Giordano article and think it's just moronic fratboy shitstirring. Yawn.

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