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thank you! if i witness any more swooning over SS, i will go all projectile with my emissions. i anticipate being dragged to "jesus is magic" imminently, and i may smuggle in earplugs to block out that g.d. squeaky voice!


Sarah Silverman can yank me. Her and David Cross and all these supposed "alternative" comics have made it clear that when they call themselves alternative what they mean is that they suck. Rehashed set up punchline humor, none of it original, no narrative to it and no timing at all. If I had to choose between watching Jesus is Magic again or having my ass hair waxed with rubber cement I'd go with the glue in a heartbeat. At least then I could huff my own crack and be at least slightly entertained by something far more appealing than Ms. Silverman. PS Sarah - wax that fucking moustache - show a little pride bitch!


All the hating for Sarah obviously stems from extreme jealousy. She IS funny and is enjoying her growing fame, while you wallow in obscurity, so much of a loser that you have this need to put down someone because you aren't smart enough to understand them. How pathetic.......


thats the whole point! its all about her! she is an amazing comedian and whoever is stupid enough to feel bad about it just doesnt get it! just relax and try to laugh about stereotypes that people like you have created!

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