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JADB: Judy Against Deaf Boners


Big Greek here,
Waaaa - huh we found out by the next stop was his way of asking for a quarter - so he was dead beat as well as a perv. What we also found out was that the guy was an Owaa laaaade fahhh waaaak (hour late for work)- and he didn't want to get faaaaaaiiid (fired) so he needed to use the taaalphoah (telephone) and didn't have Waaaa-huh (quarter) All this aside he was still being a fucking ballsack in the way he went about everything, deaf or not and if you ask me it stank of Johnny Knoxvilleesque "dare you to do it" kind of bullshit. If he was fucking deaf how would he be able to hear the person on the other end of the phone at his job? Anyway - let it be noted I almost beat up a supposedly handicapped degenerate today.

Cap'n Jon

haahaha. Big Greek, crowded subway, deaf guy, boners, crowds....

it's like an episode of Seinfeld!


last night in a traditional german weinstube over an elegant meal, i relayed the story of mr. poopy-pants. my companion nearly spit up her maultaschen she was laughing so hard. this is almost as horrifying, and funny in the same kind of "i feel a touch nauseous finding this funny" way.

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