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I know. I'm weird. i'm reading your posts from last year - but i'm still on this project and i've exhausted all other internet surfing. so - i had to chime in on this one:
I spent the better part of 2004 and 2005 editing commercials for Target! But before you put me in some unsavory category - the ones I worked on were not cutesy - they were directed by Barbara Kopple and showed do-gooders and real people and how Target actually does help the community. One spot even showed young kids with terminal illnesses. Another featured homeless students. I know. Gag. Sorry. It paid my bills for a while. I'm a Ho.
I thought that birth control policy was Wal-Mart's - not Targets. So much for being a "liberal forward thinking Minneapolis based company".

Do I get points for agreeing that the Coldplay album sucks giant weiners?

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