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Ya know shit happens. I stopped a woman for 135/50 - which means she was traveling 135 MPH in a 50 MPH Zone. When I stopped her I indicated she would get a ticket for the speed and no seat belt. She asked if she could show me why she wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I said no, if it is medical she can prove it to the judge. When I returned with her two tickets she insisted on showing me her reason for the non-use of the seatbelt and pulled her top up displaying her breast with a nipple-ring, I shook my head she laughed and turned to her friend in the car and stated "See I made him smile", I then tossed her the two tickets. She pled guilty thus never having to show up to court. My point is, that yes strange shit happens out there, its not always the cops being pigs, but you civilians as well! This is just one of the many strange things I saw over my career in the NYPD - they get a lot stranger

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