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val frankel

Ms. Bad Advice:
I love the underpants link. Of course, it was the only one I clicked on.
You was robbed, sister! No panty-assed nurse massage ho can compare to you, and her column will undoubtably suck eggs.
I have a work question, since you're giving the work advice now: My expenses go up, but my income remains the same. Ideas? Short of posing in panties?


I am a problem solver, Val. It's my business.
You don't have to pose in your panties, but you can sell them once you've worn them:

Mr. Snuggles

My condolences, but I assure you it's a blessing in disguise. Doesn't say much for the legitimacy of said rag, their reliance on tranny funds and passive aggressive liberalism. Upset the system. Pelt the Puck Building with rotten eggs 10/31.


Don't worry - the New York Press went from a newspaper to a pamphlet loosing advertisers by the ton. Soon they will be a flyer then they will be Russ Smith standing on a soapbox in Chelsea pontificating on the good old days - sometimes it's good to be the one thrown off a sinking ship while the RATS stay and drown.


OK, so I actually picked up the NY Press over dinner last night. Not only did they splash the new sex advice columnist all over the cover in her uhhh, underwear, the editor crowed about what a great "find" she was on the inside.

And he apparantly just met her, like, last week! How innnnnteresting.

In between the right-wing George Clooney interview (McCarthy was just misunderstood, riiiight), and the vaguely misogynist girl stripper thingy, I didn't recognize the Press at all. It's become reactionary and has been destroyed. It's like George W. Bush took over.

Leaving a burning building is a good thing, darling, whether you're pushed or not.


I think Dr.Dot looks like she used to be Dr. Dude!


you and knipfel were the only reasons i read the NYpress. you're a fantastic columnist. they are morons. when the paper folds (and it will fold-these are the worst editorial and staffing changes I ever witnessed at the post)i'll be only too glad.

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