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That sounds really hard--good luck with it. Hope it helps! (Or not, because then you'd need to keep doing it?)


Can't you just dip some bread in olive oil and enjoy?

I just had my second implant a few weeks ago. I know your pain! My husband says I should just get dentures and be done with it.

cha davis

Sounds kind of gross and a bit too good to be true, but I've also read that you need to give it at least a couple of months to really see results. I hope you keep it up and post about it - I'm curious if it works, Baby Jebus knows: I have enough shit gone wrong that I could test it on. Good luck.


It's really disgusting and I wish I could just enjoy some delicious crusty bread soaked in olive oil.

I've read conflicting reports on how long it takes to see results. I suppose if you were using it to cure your AIDS or pancreatic cancer it would probably take a while to work, but maybe teeth and gums won't take so long. Who knows. I skipped it today, but will pick up again tomorrow.


I started drinking sea water a few months ago because simply put, lack of iodine can cause goiter, lack of other minerals can cause all manner of wicked nasty stuff I've probably never heard of. Like religion, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Maybe you have some sort of chromium deficiency? Who knows?

medieval dresses

Hmm Good luck and I hope the implant will be successful.. :)

Teeth Grinding

Man, that swishing of sesame seed oil sounds nasty (but I bet it smelt good though)...

This may be a little late but hope everything went well! :o)


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