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Don't worry Dategirl, it's only because he's in his adolescent jerky phase(according to a past roommate, it was in fact because he was separated from his mom too early).

I had a roommate who had a terror kitten, Jack. He used to do things that he KNEW would piss me off... he would pee on chairs, the carpet, beds... anything except his box (but he knew very well where it was). He would chew on my roommate #2. And fuck with my couch (how that little cat pulled 26 nails out of my couch is still beyond me). He was adorable, but I still stand my ground: the cat was a jerk.

However, he aged and mellowed a bit.... He's supposedly a good cat now. No more peeing on stuff and no jerky behavior.

There is (probably) a light at the end of the tunnel.

beavis and/or butthead

In that photo...heh-heh-heh...there's a...huh-huh-huh...freaky pusssssssy between that pair of legs...heh-heh-heh...


Yes, but what does Mabes think?


um...did i sign a contract re: babysitting your precious little kitty?


top of the morning to ya, hellraiser!


Judy McCrazyCatLady

Mabel is grudgingly adapting. She smacks him around when he pounces, which is better than hiding in the closet. And Inky is getting a little less fierce, though is still quite the little fighter. And unlike Jeta's jerky cat, Inky sticks to the litter box. Phew!



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